Yaesu FT-857
Koledzy, na str 66 manuala przeczytałem, że można odbierać WeatherFax ale trzeba podłączyć demodulator. Czy ktoś to robił?pytajnik

Monitoring of HF WeatherFax broadcasts is easily accomplished using the FT-857.
Before proceeding, be certain that the WeatherFax demodulator is
properly connected to Pins 5 and 2 of the rear panel DATA jack.
1. Set the transceiver to the VFO mode, and set the operating mode
to “DIG,” setting Menu Mode No-038 [DIG MODE] to “PSK31-U,” as described previously.
2. Now, select the operating frequency of the station transmitting the WeatherFax broadcast. Note that, in the USB mode, the frequency you should program onto the display is
typically 1.90 kHz below the station’s “assigned” frequency. Thus for a WeatherFax
station assigned to 8.682.0 MHz, tune to 8.680.1 MHz.