Yaesu FT-950
pierwsze wrażenia z grup dyskusyjnych
i mamy nowe oprogramowanko do 950-ki , może ktoś przetłumaczyć zwłaszcza main cpu

Ver. 0114 MAIN CPU implements improvements (7/12/10)
(This update Ver. 0114 MAIN CPU is for the FT-950 ALL lot numbers 01 to XX)
• Improved to recall the nearest ATU memory at less than +/- 1% of the transmission frequency.
Ver. 11.54 EDSP implements improvements (4/5/10)
(This update Ver. 11.54 EDSP is only for the FT-950 lot numbers 01 to 42)
• Corrected FM TX for a slight frequency offset.

This update procedure is for the FT-950 MAIN and EDSP software. The MAIN software is for all lot
numbers. The EDSP software is different. Please verify the version of the radio by the serial number.
The third and fourth digits indicate the lot number, example xx42xxxx. For lots 01 thru 42 proceed
with MAIN and EDSP software update. For lots xx43xxxx and above install the MAIN only, do not
install the EDSP software.
You may also verify the current EDSP level of your radio (The software versions can be displayed on
the radio, see the below instructions). If the first digit of the number is 2 (example 20.45 1.13) Do not
install this update EDSP software, It is not compatible with EDSP level 2 radios.
Radios with lot numbers 43 and above, cannot operate with EDSP Ver. 11.54 software. At this
time (7/12/2010) there are no updates for EDSP level 2 radios.