Ham spirit...
you have a big menthal issues , stop smoking this shit.
You are doing exactly the same as your gov. doing . Blaming everyone around if is not like you wish to have !
But i can see why some of your ''friends'' said ...you are real russion thug and why most of them will never go with you anymore to dx expeditions.

You even blaming N6PSE for k3lp's deth while he was 3000miles away! that's funny.
Blaming vp8's team for hiking non operating.
Blaming me,for N6PSE unlucky P5DX operation ? even more funny..
Blaming 80m antenna for doing a job on Pacyfic(for your information this was 15m long antenna not 6m) lol
Blaming me for my FT8 contacts? Dima,one day you should try to operate 3 stations on FT8 fox mode at the same time on 3 different bands, its so easy and i'm sure you can handle this. This is so easy to click buttons on 3 laptops.
Than maybe you can be nr 1. So far 3d2cr is there. You need to work harder. clear?

Listen to me mr.red clown, you can write anything you want, you can do what you want. Everythig you wrote is what you are thinking...and what you would like to have on your side.

You are not going to change anything with your story on this forum. There were already here several guys doing the same things. ti9,p5,h44,h40,3d2,t31,3y0 and more, all of them are fake ...but for some reasons ARRL are so stupied to accept them in full, right? LOL

Your actions are typical for loosers who can't understand simple thing. There is always somebody smarter,better,stronger,faster ect.. then we are.

Unfortunatly looks like you are really undervalued,sick man.

Is he a lier too?


you are loosing your time...