Ham spirit...
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Ciekaw komentarzy poszedłem na ich fejsbuka i między innymi napisał tam Dima RA9USU.

Dmitry Zhikharev Ham Spirit is when you are surprised to work a DX, not when you wait for some DX operation is actually happen after advance announcement, with setting filters on your cluster node. When you remember that long awaited contact for the rest of your life and when you enjoy every moment of chasing it.

I remember one day, when I was working on the license to one remote island, I found from my lawyer that "another Polish group" is also applying for a license. I got in touch with the only Polish group I knew (they were operating from VK9X) and found that they are not planning to go there.

To my surprise, a bit later one well known (nowadays) operator from Poland announced his DX-pedition to that location. Should have I continue my plans, or join the Team? I decided that it would be in the best interest of Ham Spirit (based on our previous inter-team cooperation) - to join the trip.
How did that worked out?
This was the first time I was disappointed with my decision regarding going to DX-pedition.

Well, I still friends with most of the team members from that operation and I love one day to go somewhere with any of them, but not with the “Leader”.

Besides the enormous amount of lies to people about “this is the last Amateur Radio operation from that location”, “we will contribute and donate equipment to the Islanders”, “storm is coming”, “we are only survivors”, “fighting the Lions and overcoming the challenges” and other bunch of bullshit. Nothing was nearly close to that. The only challenge that “Leader” overcame is the EU path blockage from the operation site.

He went to the boat to continue the operation.

That exact “Leader” is chosen his new “tactics” – he waits for people to announce their plans to operate (remember T31W?) and go there right before them! Made only 30K Q’s? Not a big deal – announce another trip three month before T31W and they will cancel their plans.

Announcing your plans might looks like a good choice, but if you actually want it to succeed – be quiet. DX-peditioning is no fun when it comes to big groups to jump on the DXCC top 30.

3Y0Z smashed our K3LP Team’s 3Y0H plans, when they announced the operation without even having a license or any contract with Braveheart as they stated. They also lied. That ruined most of the funding we could hope for and surely severely damaged any of our Ham Spirit.

When P5DX was in planning, one DX Foundation’s trustee, after receiving the application, leaked the information regarding the planned team and activity to the very same “Leader” (who then just recently “operated” from “DPRK”) – and that when shit hits the fan.

How long will people worship you with trepidation if your “operation” will be followed by a Major DX-pedition and 100K Q’s right after you made 600 (later log boosted to 800) in your log?

“Leader” leaked that information to his friends in US, they did the Facebook announcement and that violated the agreement with P5. It was very simple. No information before operation. Period. He personally started spreading posts on the cluster and the entire team (with tickets, visas, equipment etc.) cancelled. Losing a big chunk of money, along with the Ham Spirit.

Therefore, if you ask me – I knew Russians were planning E4 operation well before F6KOP Team announcement. I feel sorry for both of the teams that their plans collided and hope that they probably can join the forces and go there at the same time. I wish I could join F6KOP Team to exchange the experiences, as I always enjoy travelling with friends.

The worst part is that my future planned activity is completely colliding with another group. Even the dates are exact. Although they do not have a license for the call sign they announced, nor the chartered any vessel, while our group already sitting on the suitcases.