Anytone AT-D878UV
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No to mamy nowy FW 1.14
D878UV firmware update V1.14 (dated 2019‐,9‐,2)
change list ( SCT base band update is required)
1. Resolve the issue that sometimes bluetooth TX no audio when use with the BT headset.
2. Improve the issue that the display disappear rapidly after call end which cause it looks like signal drops.
3. Roaming icon bug fixed (green R although search negative)
4. Correct the issue that Optional setting - display - call display, the name display is bigger when choose
Name based.
5. Add options under APRS TG in CPS and radio menu.
6. Increased the auto repeater offset setting in CPS, allows set 2 different offsets in one band.
7. Increase AES256 encyption setting in CPS
8. Add multi colors settings for the callsign and channel name in CPS.
9. Allows select different GPS mode in CPS, default is only GPS.
Both GPS & BDS ($PCAS04,3)
Single only BDS ($PCAS04,2)
Single Only GPS ($PCAS04,1)
10. Optional Setting ->, STE ->, Ste Time, Increase the decode time setting for the CTCSS,recommend setting
is 250ms for normal use. If the channel with CTCSS doesn’t work well in new 1.14FW, please try set the Ste
time to 250ms.