Anytone AT-D878UV
wszystko na temat tego radiotelefonu
Pojawiła się wersja oprogramowania 1.13 (Englisch) (15.06.2019)

Change List
1.Increased to 200,000 digital contacts.
2. Add “BT RX Delay” in radio BT menu and CPS->,Option Setting->,VOX/BT
BT Rx Delay Setting - For Digital Mode Only - this allows for a time delay to be set before the RF radio BT Rx
will capture the automobile audio. Recommended setting should be off. If there are short RF radio Rx issues
that cause BT RF radio Rx to interrupt background music too soon, a delay from 30ms, 1s, 1.5s, or 2s can be
set to avoid false RF radio BT Rx.
An example could be user PTT bursts to activate a repeater ->, (“kerchunking”) that may cause the RF
radio BT Rx to lock onto the automobile audio and stop music when there is no actual RF Radio BT
3.Add “CTCSS/DCS set” in CPS->,Optional Setting->,Key function, it allows the radio access CTCSS/DCS set
4.Modify the “BT Mic Gain” default set to 1.
5.Make the TOT beep independently from public setting, the beep is there when TOT function is on.
6.Change the “Working Mode” in CPS->,Optional Setting->,Other to match the radio bands, i.e when the
radio is at amateur band, the working mode is default at amateur mode.
7.Resolved the issue that SSID in APRS doesn’t update when open a new codeplug.
8.Fixed an error, that "auto repeater offset frequency" settings are not being imported
9.corrected band limits for Amateur Europe 0003