FlexRadio 6600
Now with 2 SCU's (Spectural Capture Units)

This is a massive feature which until now has only been available on the flagship model, the Flex 6700. With two SCU's SO2R (Single Operator, 2 Radios) operation is possible with two operators working 2 bands simultaneously. Most important of all, these operators can use different antennas too. With a single SCU radio, up to 4 slice receivers can be used but only with a second SCU can an additional antenna socket be selected for one or more of the sub-band slices.

Now with DUAL Preselectors!

The 6500 has a single set of preselectors (Band Pass Filters or BPF) which improves receiver performance. However, each SCU on the Flex 6600M can be stretched across a 14MHz section of band. If two or more slices where spread across multiple bands, the BPF would have to be switched off which could affect receive performance. By adding 2 BPFs, 1 BPF can be used per slice to ensure receiver performance remains uncompromised.