Nowy Icom IC-7300
W zeszlym roku napisalem @ do icoma/service uk, ze moj 7300 ma problemy z moca, prosze co mi odpisal
A sklep w ktorym kupilem radio muwil ze pierwsze slyszy ze 7300 ma problemy ze wszystko jest Orajt
Dear Icom UK
Please can you help me
I have an IC-7300 which I am not happy with the transmit ALC performance.
The average power output is very low compared to the Yaesu FT891.
I have performed tests with a remote station and confirmed this with recordings. 
Also the radio was tested in Club - Radio Society of Harrow
Can you fix me this alc ?
You may have heard of a modification to the time constant of the ALC circuit.
I include this link for your infomation.
Odpowiedz Icoma......

Thank you for your enquiry. Sorry to hear you are unhappy with the ALC performance of your IC-7300. This is not a problem that has been generally associated with this radio. We are aware of the modification you mention but we would NOT recommend that you install it, you could invalidate your warranty. The average power of a 100W SSB radio, as measured on an average reading meter on a speech waveform will be typically 12-20W. The peaks, as measured on an oscilloscope, will be reaching 100W. On some radios it is possible to over drive the PA stage into 'flat topping' which will appear to bring the average value up. This is a result of the waveform being distorted and will increase the transmission bandwidth and distortion products. The IC-7300 has been designed to prevent this happening and any mods of this type could have a negative effect on the clean signal the IC-7300 has been designed to produce.
If you do feel there is a fault with the radio then  you are more than welcome to return it to us for checking..
Chris Ridley
Icom UK Ltd