Icom IC-7610
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Only had my 7610 for couple of days now, it came with 1.04 software. I have had the receiver go dead a couple of times now, I power cycled the radio and receive cane back.

I too have had the issue of the receiver going dead. It occurred 3 times in the last 4 days. And has always occurred when I stopped transmitting. I do have the 1.04 firmware installed.

Interesting, I have had mine for almost a month now, I have upgraded the firmware but I have had no issues like what is happening to seems many of you.

Hello same thing here while on 3.803. As soon as I unkeyed the mic the receive was dead. Had to recycle power 3 times to get the receive back. I just received the radio yesterday. It has the 1.04 firmware upgrade.

Mine is completely dead. It had been on for about an hour QSYed to 40 and the receive went dead tried multiple soft and full resets. No Joy the receive is still dead, all I have plugged in is power and one coax.