Problem z mikrofonem MC 85 Kenwooda-a
Czy jesteś pewien, że ten mikrofon może współpracować z tym radiem bez żadnych przeróbek?
The Kenwood MC-85 is a unidirectional electret condenser desk mic. It features UP-DOWN tuning (on compatible Kenwood transceivers) plus a built-in audio level compensation, preamp and has a level meter. Supplied with one PG-4G 8 pin mic cable. The MC-85 can handle up to three 8 pin inputs with additional PG-4F cables. There are optional cables for 4 pin (PG-4D) and 6 pin (PG-4E) radios. This mic requires power that is derived from some Kenwood models. For other models, you will have to install four AA cells (not supplied). This 700 ohm mic has a 300 to 7000 Hz response.